Southwest Medical Group

Our vision is to create a space for health accessible to everyone anytime. We believe in making available quality comprehensive care to all our patients.

Explore Our Services

Beyond medical diagnosis and treatment, we offer a range of essential services to support your well-being and comfort during your visit.

Primary care

Your one-stop shop for preventative and routine care, managing health through all stages of life.

Pain control

Finding relief from chronic and acute pain with a personalized approach, including medication, procedures, and support.


Accurate and timely diagnostic testing with advanced technology for confident results.

Dermatology in primary care

Comprehensive skin care for common concerns, close to home.

Alergies evaluation and treatment

Uncovering triggers and managing symptoms through comprehensive testing and treatment options.

Radiology & ultrasound

Advanced imaging for clear diagnoses, provided by experienced and compassionate staff.


Get a painless and accurate assessment of your heart’s electrical activity to identify potential arrhythmias, heart damage, or other abnormalities.

Weight Control

Our comprehensive program goes beyond just calorie counting and exercise, addressing the physical, emotional, and behavioral factors contributing to weight gain and obesity.


Access a wide range of services remotely, including consultations with primary care physicians, specialists, and even EKG analysis, all from the comfort of your own home.


Walk-ins. After hours. Emergencies